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Tips for Producing Corporate Video Interviews

Creating compelling corporate interview videos for production involves several key best practices to ensure the content is engaging, authentic, and aligns with the brand’s story. Here are some guidelines to consider:


Corporate Video Example:


  • Preparation and Discovery: Thorough preparation is essential for a successful interview. This includes understanding the company and the interview topic, and crafting questions that elicit insightful responses. Questions should be open-ended to encourage discussion and cover the 6 Ws: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How, creating a complete narrative. It’s also important to understand the audience persona to ensure the content resonates with them. Avoid giving subjects a list of questions beforehand to maintain spontaneity​​​​.
  • Technical Aspects – Lighting and Audio: For video production, 3-point lighting is crucial to ensure the subject is well-lit and looks professional. Proper boom mic placement is also key to capturing clear audio. The microphone should be positioned close enough to the subject to record clean audio while being out of the camera’s frame. It’s important to avoid background noise and echo to ensure high-quality sound​​.
  • Making the Interviewee Comfortable: Making the subject feel at ease is crucial for a natural and authentic interview. Engaging in small talk, providing a comfortable environment, and showing them parts of the footage can help them relax. Starting with less significant questions can help the interviewee get comfortable before moving on to more substantial topics. The interviewer should be attentive and encouraging, maintaining a conversational tone​​​​​​.
  • Aligning Interviews with Brand Story: The interviews should align with the brand’s story and values. This can be achieved by selecting subjects that the audience can identify with and by focusing on authentic, genuine stories. Whether it’s capturing the essence of a corporate event, humanizing the company, or telling compelling stories, interviews should reflect the brand’s identity and message​​.
  • Editing and Post-Production: The editing process is where the story comes together. It’s important to structure the interview in an engaging way that’s easy for the audience to follow. Adding captions and graphics can enhance the video, making it more accessible and highlighting key points. The use of B-roll footage and other visual elements can add depth to the story​​.
  • Promotion and Distribution: Once the video is complete, it’s crucial to promote it effectively to reach the target audience. This can include posting on the company’s website, social media channels, and using the footage for various marketing purposes. The choice of platforms should align with where the target audience is most active​​.

In summary, creating a successful corporate interview video involves careful planning, technical proficiency, and a focus on authenticity and storytelling that aligns with the brand’s message. Each step, from preparation to promotion, plays a crucial role in ensuring the video resonates with the intended audience and effectively conveys the desired message.