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Best Practices for Video Production Services

video production services, corporate video production, houston video productionWhen producing video for commercial clients, there’s a number of best practices that need to be followed to ensure the client has an exceptional video product at the end of the day.

We follow a proven methodology that ensures successful execution of video projects we take on as a company. It really starts with being centric to the needs of a client. We’ll executed discovery allows us to fully understand the type of video we are producing, who the audience is, where in the customer journey the target customer is going to most likely engage the video and ultimately, making sure we have a rock solid understanding of our customers value proposition before pre-production. 


Some of video service providers best practices are; discovery, pre-production, location scouting, crew assembly and crew resource management, film schedule, coordinating leadership interviews, checklists that keep crews on task to manage time, gear, resources and customer communication. 


Post-production work-flow is equally important to production. Determining crew resources for assembly, motion graphics and audio scoring are important aspects of the post-production process. Many times the director and client will work closely with the editor to keep story-lines and narratives on track, they have the ability to make decisions on the fly when working directly with editors which can cut post-processing time down by reducing revision cycles. 


Video production service providers are in engaged in managing many aspects of the production on behalf of the client and there are a lot of moving parts at every level. 


By following good solid best practices in producing video, you will ensure successful outcomes on behalf of your clients.